WYR: CFB Week 6 / NFL Week 5


We are (almost?) halfway through the college football season and the NFL season is full-steam ahead. Life is all about decisions, so I’m going to present some good ole Would You Rathers. I’ll present some hot-pressed football scenarios and sprinkle on my opinion too. WYR:


#1 If you were Jalen Hurts, would you rather stay with Alabama or transfer schools?

Jalen Hurts’ entrance into the fifth game of the season last Saturday means that he is no longer eligible to transfer with two years of eligibility left. A new NCAA transfer rule allows players to redshirt up to completion of the fourth game of the season without loss of eligibility of the current season. So, it now looks like Jalen Hurts will graduate from Alabama and transfer to play out his final NCAA eligible season. The question to me is, should Hurts really go elsewhere? That is, would he rather stay and battle for a starting QB job or (likely) play for another SEC program. Hm, well it seems like the decision comes down to two things; would Hurts rather be a part of a perennial national championship program or play against that same program in hopes of building an NFL resume? Assuming that Hurts isn’t high on NFL scouts’ radar, the smart move seems to be to play with the best while you can. Of all sports, football is the least guaranteed to its players, so squeeze whatever glory out of it while you can!


#2 Patrick Mahomes or Jared Goff

At this moment the sexy pick is definitely Patrick Mahomes. Both of these quarterbacks are putting up godly numbers while not yet being 25 years old. Both play in fast-paced, electric offenses built to freeze defenses. One invalid argument I’ve heard for Mahomes is that Goff “has so many options on offense”. While true, have you seen the Chiefs? Last time I checked, the fastest player in the league might be an option. Same with a top ten running back and arguably the best tight end in the NFL. Nonetheless, Mahomes’ first four games this season have been nothing short of legendary. The former Red Raider has shown an adept ability to scramble and mend together broken plays. In comparison, the former Golden Bear looks as comfortable as Aaron Rodgers in the pocket, with flashes of Brees-like accuracy. The reason I’d rather have Goff, regardless of system or surrounding players, is because of his classic quarterback tendencies. With a 9% higher completion rate and 200 more passing yards, I give Jared Goff the edge since his game doesn’t at all pull from the traditional quarterback role.


#3 Fishing with Julio Jones or Jeopardy against Andrew Luck

Let’s have some fun. I love fishing as much as the next guy. I also tend to dominate the dinner table jeopardy competition. Now, one might look at this WYR and think “of course I’d rather go fishing, Andrew Luck went to Stanford so I have no shot”. Might be true, but Julio has his own lake adjacent to his house, so you know he’s no rookie with the bait-casting jig. I’m convinced that after a game of jeopardy against Andrew Luck, anyone would be a slightly smarter person. Given the differential in my intelligence to a guy like Andrew Luck compared to my fishing abilities, I’m picking up the rod for this one. I now realize that nothing sounds better than catching largemouth bass.

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