NBA bans Yeezy’s, continues to limit brand presence


The NBA has been known for allowing its players to build their own brand and giving them the freedom to express themselves. However, the league has hunkered down recently on how brands are affecting its athletes.


Hypebeasts everywhere are longing for the debut of Yeezy’s first basketball sneakers under Adidas. And as much as he has been promoting them on Twitter, the NBA has decided to put a halt on that for now.

Industry sources said the “gleaming, reflective material heel” is why the NBA has taken this stance, per ESPN. It’s believed the shoes would be potentially distracting for in-arena guests and viewers on TV.

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Rightfully so. Now, there’s a chance notable Adidas athletes Brandon Ingram or Jaylen Brown will eventually be able to rock them once tweaks are made. In 2013-14, Carmelo Anthony sported the Jordan M10 which had a similar issue but was later recreated to fit league standards.


This comes less than a week after JR Smith found out he’d have to cover up his Supreme tattoo, otherwise he’d get fined for every game it’s shown.

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What’s your thoughts on this? 🤔

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This is ridiculous in every sense, considering it doesn’t hurt the image of the NBA nor can much be done since it’s a tattoo. Regardless, it feels like the NBA Dress Code is making its own tweaks.

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