We are the voice of the next wave. As social storytellers, we are the bullhorn through which today’s narratives are told.

Founded on the belief that traditional sports media is ill-equipped for a world defined by sharing and two-way conversation, WAVE has created communities where players, influencers, and fans alike come to tell their story and get their daily sports fix. As the fastest growing sports media company WAVE’s network covers every sport, from Basketball to Cricket, and even hosts hyper-specific communities for Stephen Curry fanatics to congregate. On any given day you may be transported to the revelrous atmosphere of a Barcelona vs Real Madrid game, witness a spirited debate on the greatness of Lebron James and Michael Jordan, or be taken inside a day in the life of a player training for the NFL Draft.

Headquartered in San Francisco, WAVE has raised $3.3M in funding from Sweet Capital, Golden Venture Partners, Tom Williams and Larry Braitman.

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